Some examples of PhD research projects from our database:

'50 shades of green'
The research involves the development and implementation of sustainability policy within a commercial bank with a focus on the role that organizational culture, institutional logic and legitimacy play in the process of embedding sustainability values, norms and behaviour in day-to-day banking practice.

'Take this waltz' Factors that contribute to a desired cultural change within an organization.
Studies have shown that more mergers fail than succeed. The same is true for major organizational changes. Another important theme is the (organizational) culture, a phenomenon that is invisible and difficult to change, but visible in behaviour. This PhD research investigates how culture (values, dynamics of power and behaviour) can be made 'visible' and how it can be changed, for example, during a reorganization.

'Microbial coatings for wood protection'
Utilization of the natural formation of a dark microbial coating on linseed oil treated wood is a promising solution to protect and color wood in a sustainable way. In order to develop a safe and successful artificial production process, the microbial composition needs to be unraveled. The investigation on which and how oils can stimulate the growth of a microbial coating is also an important part of this research.

'The effects of liquidity on share prices'
The liquidity of a share affects its price: the more liquid the share, the more it is worth. The study shows that the impact of liquidity on share price becomes greater as the investment horizon of the investors in the market becomes shorter. The magnitude of this effect can be estimated using a statistical model. Another study considers the time variation in liquidity and pricing on the housing market in the United States.

'Legitimacy of the trade Union as (co)designer of collective terms of employment'
In 2011, more than 6.1 million employees (92%) had a collective labour agreement. These figures are in sharp contrast to the figures related to degree of unionization (20%). A low level of unionization raises questions about the legitimacy of the position of the trade Union in the system of formulating collective terms of employment. To what extent can employees and employers be bound to employment conditions when they did not take part in their creation? This gives rise to the following research question: What adjustment can be made in the system of formulating collective terms of employment to strengthen the legitimacy of the trade Union as a (co)designer of collective terms of employment? 



"Anne Kok gave an inspiring presentation on her PhD research on sustainable banking policy."

Josephine van der Vossen, Partners at Work Executive Search


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