Advisory board

Catherine Brölmann, PhD
Associate Professor of International Law
Department of International and European Law
Faculty of Law
University of Amsterdam

"Promovendis: for the much-needed link between theory and practice."


Prof. Paul G.W. Jansen, PhD
Professor of Industrial Psychology
Department of Management & Organization
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - VU University Amsterdam

"PhD candidates talk about their research in a comprehensible manner; that way, practice and science learn from each other."

Rolf van Wegberg, MSc.
President Promovendi Netwerk Nederland
PhD candidate TU Delft - Researcher TNO

“Promovendis gives PhD candidates the opportunity to inspire the business community with their research and to enhance the social value of their research." 


Ingrid van de Stadt, MSc
Regional Marketing Director
Elsevier B.V.

"Promovendis is a wonderful initiative to facilitate knowledge exchange between the business community and academia!"



"There is no lack of information within the business community, but the knowledge on which this information is based is not always accessible. PhD candidates have a wealth of knowledge with which they can substantially enrich the business community."

Ingrid van de Stadt, MSc
Regional Marketing Director
Elsevier B.V.

National PhD Day 2016

National PhD Day, october 29, 2016. With Rolf van Wegberg, President of Promovendi Netwerk Nederland

Advisory Board

Promovendis is pleased to announce a new member of the Advisory Board: Rolf van Wegberg, President Promovendi Netwerk Nederland.
He is the successor of Charlotte de Roon, whom we are grateful for her involvement and valuable advices.
august, 2016

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